Keep a lookout here for the latest Fort Myers-area DMR codeplug. Courtesy of Rich Schnieders, KR4PI. (The most recent codeplug should be at the top.)

For a list of major changes to the codeplug, please visit the DMR Codeplug Changelog.

MD-380 programming software

K4USD Network

K4USD PeerWatch

K4USD NetWatch

KF5IW Website (Fort Myers area DMR repeater)

DMR User ID Lookup, then click on “User Database”

There is a DMR net on Local 2 every Thursday evening at 1900 hours local time.

For more resources, don’t forget to check out YouTube! (And don’t be afraid to get creative searching for videos and tutorials!)

DMR Codeplugs


DMR Codeplug – Generic MD380 – May 10, 2017 256.55 KB 31 downloads

Codeplug changes: Corrected the callsign of the Englewood UHF repeater Corrected...

DMR Codeplug – Generic MD380 – Apr. 26, 2017 256.55 KB 51 downloads

Codeplug changes: Changed KF5IW-1 Zone channel 3 to 446.075 simplex at the request...

DMR Codeplug – Generic MD380 – Apr. 21, 2017 256.55 KB 36 downloads

Codeplug changes: Added more Analog FM Repeaters in the area Renamed FT Myers Analog...

DMR Codeplug – Generic MD380 – Apr. 7, 2017 256.55 KB 61 downloads

Codeplug changes: Added 441.000 DMR Simplex channel to KF5IW-1 Zone position 3....