Lee County Repeaters

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2 Meters (144 MHz)

FrequencyPL ToneCallsignLocationDescriptionStatus
145.170 (-)136.5KG4VDSHealth Park Hospital SW Fort MyersPRIMARY LOCAL CALL CHANNEL - FMARC Repeater above Health Park Hospital - Linked with 147.345Up
146.610 (-)136.5KN2RCape Coral(AllStar: 27034; IRLP: 4171; EchoLink: 41712; also linked to 444.725(+))
Instructions for Using KN2R Repeaters
146.685 (-)136.5KF4QWCWBBH Tower - SR 31LEE CTY RACES - South Central Charlotte County (4 miles north of the Lee County border on SR 31)Up
146.745 (-)136.5WX4ECharlotteWX4E (Charlotte) - Linked to 444.975Up
146.790 (-)136.5W4SBLSanibel IslandCity of SanibelUp
146.820 (-)136.5AC4TMFGCU CampusSoutheast Lee County - East of I-75 between Alico Road and Corkscrew RoadUp
146.880 (-)136.5KI4ODCNorth Fort MyersFMARC Repeater North Fort Myers - Co-located with the 444.775 RepeaterUp
147.165 (+)127.3W4LCOLee County EOCLee County RACES
147.225 (+)136.5W4LWZCape Coral EOCFMARC - Near Cape Coral City HallUp
147.285 (+)136.5W1RPLehigh Medical CenterFMARC - Lehigh Medical Center (Scheduled to be linked with 145.170 and 147.345)Up
147.345 (+)136.5NT4TSLee County EOCPRIMARY LOCAL CALL CHANNEL - FMARC Repeater above LEE EOC -
Linked with 145.170

1.25 meters (200 MHz)

FrequencyPL ToneCallsignLocationDescriptionStatus
224.520 (-)136.5WA4PILLee County EOCOffset is -1.6 MHz.Up

70cm (400 MHz)

FrequencyPL ToneCallsignLocationDescriptionStatus
442.450 (+)136.5WB2FAUFort MyersFMARC
443.425136.5Sanibel IslandCity of Sanibel
444.675 (+)136.5W4LCOLee County EOCYaesu Fusion Repeater (Digital Only)
444.725 (+)136.5KN2RCape Coral(AllStar: 27034; IRLP: 4171; EchoLink: 41712; also linked to 146.610 (-))
Instructions for Using KN2R Repeaters
444.750KM4OWABonita BeachYaesu Fusion Repeater (Digital Only)
444.775136.5WT4TNorth Fort MyersN      26° 40' 33"
W -081° 52' 32"
444.950 (+)100.0NX4YFort MyersWBFM / APCO25

Simplex Nodes

144.390 MHzAPRS iGate at Lee Memorial Hospital. Callsign: W4LX-2.
145.030 MHzDigipeater for Winlink RMS is located at the Lee County EOC, 2675 Ortiz Av. Callsign is W4LCO-10 -- Phil Jansen is still the Sysop. His new call sign is NK1L
146.490 MHzCape Coral Gabfest Frequency - Thursday nights at 2000