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The Lee County All Lee Emergency Response Team is committed to providing reliable Amateur Radio communications support to the Lee County Office of Emergency Management. Missions may be assigned to the A.L.E.R.T. in situations of an emergency nature or natural disaster anywhere within Lee County or adjacent counties with which there is an Amateur Radio Emergency Service Mutual Assistance Team (ARESMAT) agreement. Additionally, Lee County ARES may participate in non-emergency events as requested by event organizers, provided the services requested are within the unit’s capabilities and in compliance with Federal Communications Commission Part 97 Rules.

ARES/RACES (Known as A.L.E.R.T. in Lee County) is looking for volunteer licensed amateur operators. We need volunteers to man the shelters, hospitals, fire and police departments and other critical facilities during and after severe storms. If you would like to provide a much needed service to your community.We have moved into our radio room at the new EOC, 2675 Ortiz Ave., Fort Myers and it is a great improvement over the facility at the old EOC. We have 7 vhf/uhf radios so we can monitor all the area emergency nets and have a Winlink 2000 system operating at the same time. We have hf capabilities and soon will have Pactor as well.Please contact Steve Smith W9GPI, ARES/RACES Emergency Coordinator in Lee County:

Phone: (920) 251-6249
E-mail: w9gpi [at]

Steve Smith was recently presented with Lee County Emergency Management’s “Volunteer of the Year” Award! Congratulations, Steve, and a big thanks for all you do!